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Spirit Guard Udyr Artwork

It’s been about a year since Riot released Pulsefire Ezreal, the only legendary skin in the game, and now the second one is coming: Spirit Guard Udyr. It comes with different rank 1 and rank 5 models for every stance and additional voiceovers (unique clips when you slay Dragon, Baron, or fighting against certain champions).

Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Splash Art

Purchasing Spirit Guard Udyr also gives you four unique summoner icons and profile banners. Initially the price will be 1950RP for the first four days after release, and will go up to 3250 RP afterwards.

Riot even created a special promo page for Spirit Guard Udyr which you can check out. There are four splash artworks included, one for each stance which I’ve added to Udyr’s wallpaper gallery (you can also see them below).

The skin is currently available for testing on PBE and will be released next patch.

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