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New Wallpapers (March 26, 2013)

I only post updates when there’s a significant amount of images added at once, and today is one of those days. There’s a few official artworks added, but also plenty of great fanarts which you totally should check out.

First of all, there’s several wallpapers (all 1920×1080) of various champion splash arts, modified by Andrew Xon McLelland. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on his future creations, and I certainly hope he’ll make more wallpapers like this Nocturne:Nocturne wallpaper by Andrew Xon McLellandNow tell me that ain’t elegant? Below are the rest of his wallpapers I’ve added, some of which may or may not be attempting to punch you in the face:

Next up are several new “redesigns” of champion splash art by Hannah515. I particularly like this Nami artwork called “Waves and Ice”:

Nami by Hannah515

I’ve already added a few dozen of her artworks before, and these are all new ones created in the last 3 months:

Recently Riot started publishing some teaser artworks for an upcoming champion on the official forums, and while it isn’t in the preferred wallpaper resolution it’s still large (and good) enough to be included here.

Sejuani Teaser Artwork

This Sejuani artwork above is 1600×1000, and the next two for Ashe and Trundle are lower resolution:

The following Ziggs artwork was created by Punishmentman, and I found it in the latest edition of Summoner’s Showcase:

Ziggs wallpaper by Punishmentman

Ziggs is in my opinion one of the best designed champions (voice, splash arts, everything), and while I don’t often get the chance to play him I do love seeing players giving him some love with great art. This is definitely one.

Lastly, Riot finally released the official splash art for Zac’s release skin, Special Weapon Zac:

Special Weapon Zac Splash Art

That tasted purple!

Of course as always you’re welcome to submit your own artwork here, or any other you can find.

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