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Functional and Stylish: Infographic/Wallpaper

If you’re on the lookout for a decent looking League of Legends wallpaper that is also informative, then look no further! Today we released an infographic in a convenient wallpaper resolution (infopaper?) for you to use.

The wallpaper includes basic information about LoL which you can find out in a glance: respawn timers of buffs, Dragon and Baron, Smite damage per level, armor and magic resist reduction values and creep score chart. I hope you’ll find it helpful and it might even motivate you to CS better if you continuously keep looking at how many minions you missed out on ;).

Lolwp Wallpaper

If you dislike Blitzcrank I’ve prepared a version below with a transparent box in which you can add any splash art or image you like (and there’s plenty of them right here!). You might notice the box is exactly the same size as the game client so the information is always available to you (except when you’re in-game and need it the most).

If you have any suggestions to further improve this wallpaper be sure to let me know. Since you may need basic graphics editor/skills to paste a splash art into the box I’ll also be happy to do it for you if necessary. As long as you click the “Like” buttons below. Yeah it’s blackmail, deal with it.

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